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The amazing story of the original Workington AFC, 1884-1911

John Norman


The year 2021 marks the centenary of the birth of the current Workington AFC. Over the course of the last hundred years the club has seen many ups, Football League Cup quarter-finalists and almost reaching the old Football League Division 2, and even more downs. However, despite everything, they have, and continue to, survive in the face of every obstacle put in their way. The story of Workington AFC since 1921 is, in itself, a remarkable tale of resilience.

However, there is another part to the Workington story, and one about which little has, until now, been recorded. Between 1884 and 1911 another Workington AFC, also known as the ‘Reds’, existed and flourished in the town. This club, until its sad and untimely demise, was the direct forerunner of the current Workington AFC. In fact, had this original club not existed then there would have been nothing to resurrect and develop into the club we know today.


John Norman



Publication Date:

2021 September


Paperback; 210 x 148mm




Some black and white photographs

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