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Goalden Generation

A Potted History of Local Football in Carlisle during the Decades after the Second World War

John and Peter Scholes


This slim volume does not claim to be an in-depth study of football in the Carlisle and District area in the two decades after World War Two.

Its contributors reflect on an era when the “case ball” could weigh half a hundredweight on a wet day, and a mistimed header could land you in the Cumberland Infirmary!

When the game was played on pitches which most current referees would deem unfit to play on, and where the nailed-in studs on the boots would begin to be felt through the soles when end of season games were played on pitches like concrete.

Whatever the conditions, past and present, the love for the game shines through unabated.





Publication Date:

2021 November


Paperback; 210 x 148mm




Black and white illustrations throughout

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