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Cells, Clean and Clear

The story of Kendal Borough Police Force 1836 to 1947

Phillip Bonney


Much has been written over the years of the formation of the Metropolitan Police and the struggles they had being introduced in the capital and the major industrial towns.

On 1st April 1947 the Kendal Borough Police Force was amalgamated with the larger Cumberland and Westmorland Force and lost its separate identity. This small Force had the distinction of coming into being nearly twenty years before its larger cousin and thus being one of the earliest Police in the Country. The Force provided a unique service to the community and carried on from a traditional of local law enforcement stretching back to Norman times. A study of the Force also provides an insight into the workings of local politics and the considerations and views of the local population coming to terms with the rapid social changes of the nineteenth century.

This book records those early efforts of the citizens of Kendal to deal with the problems of Law and Order and social change.


Helm Press



Publication Date:

2019 May


Paperback; 296 x 210mm




Black and white and colour photographs throughout