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An Evening of Cumbrian Folk Songs with Steve Wharton and Sue Allan

Sue Allan, Steve Wharton


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Friday 3rd February 2023, 7.30pm
Cakes and Ale cafe, Carlisle 
Tickets: £6 (includes a glass of wine or beer and £3 off either book on the night)

Join Steve Wharton and Sue Allan for an evening of music and discussion, celebrating the history and future of Cumbrian folk songs. Steve will introduce and play music from his new songbook ‘Contemporary Cumbrian Folk Songs’ and Sue Allan will be performing and discussing her book on  ‘The Cumberland Bard’.Robert Anderson


‘Contemporary Cumbrian Folk Songs (and how to write them)’ is an inspiring collection of songs written by Steve Wharton, a native Cumbrian with a lifelong interest in Cumbrian folk music. The book features melody notation, guitar tab, chords, lyrics and comprehensive background notes for the sixteen songs :– thirteen of which are originals and three settings of 19th century Cumbrian poem by William Wordsworth, Robert Anderson and John James Lonsdale. The book is packed with folklore, history and notes about the songs’ writing process and life in front of audiences. There are also chapters about the evolution of folk music and collecting of folk tunes by Steve Wharton and Ally McGurk respectively.


Sue Allan was born and bred in Cumbria. She researches and writes on the social history and folk music of the county, and is well-known as a performer of its songs, tunes and dances. Her well-researched book on Robert Anderson of Carlisle details the life and legacy of ‘The Cumberland Bard’ of the nineteenth century. Robert Anderson was born into poverty and had little formal education. Nonetheless, he went on to publish a collection of poetry in standard English and popular editions of Cumberland Ballads in dialect. Sue Allan explores Anderson’s life and works and the insights he gives into life in north Cumberland at the beginning of the nineteenth century. His legacy includes songs written for London audiences and dialect ballads which have entered the folk tradition. Sue will be discussing Anderson’s life and legacy as well as performing some of the ballads he wrote.


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