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A Walker’s Guide to the Border Reivers

Andrew Lowes


Today the Anglo-Scottish Border is a tranquil and beautiful place. But it hasn’t always been this way,between the 11th and 16th centuries it was a lawless frontline between two rival and insecure kingdoms. This book looks into the struggles and rivalries of the reivers and the men sent to control them, the Wardens.

Some of the most famous and infamous events are retold and the characters of the timeexamined through stirring tales of courage, tragedy, intrigue and betrayal. The 28 walks take the readerthrough the wild borderlands and trails used by the reiver to spirit away stolen cattle, into the lairs of themost feared villains and to some of the 200 or so fortified buildings that remain. This book provides afascinating insight into the world of the Borderers in our not so distant past.



Publication Date:

2019 May


Paperback; 210 x 148mm




Black and white illustrations throughout