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The life of a Cumbrian Great

Mike Gardner


In 1980, Open Rugby Magazine named Arnold ‘Boxer’ Walker the best scrum half in the world. The incredible story of his life is in part, a social history of a half-forgotten era, when coal mines were the economic bed rock of close-knit communities across the north. He shines a light into what life was like in a claustrophobic Cumbrian pit deep below the Irish Sea and you will join him in the Workington Town dressing room when they beat mighty Wigan to win the Lancashire Cup for the only time in the club’s history.

You will also find out about the great players and coaches who helped to burnish his rugged skills and why he was always a prized target for violent forwards, years before the slick presentation of the Super League by Sky TV with its HD quality pictures and video replays. Boxer’s story is full of highs and lows, including the day he was felled so heavily at the Recreation Ground that a rumour spread among the terraces that the tackle had killed him.


Youcaxton Publications



Publication Date:

2017 May


Paperback; 230 x 153mm




Black and white photographs throughout

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