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Geology in the Lake District National Park

Phil Davies


Most of the rocks in the National Park are nearly half a billion years old. They tell a story of long-gone seas, volcanoes and lakes. Since they were formed, the rocks we see have endured a collision of continents, uplift, erosion and climate-driven assault.

This book is for anyone with an interest in Earth history and the Lakeland landscape. It tells the geological story of the Lake District (with an optional crash course in geology) and provides mini-guides to ‘geosites’ which can be visited to view distinctive geological features. Some of the geosites can be seen from a roadside location; many need just a short walk to visit them; and there are a few which require more of an expedition into the fells.

Technical information and references are included for those who want to dig a little deeper, and homage is paid to the pioneers who began to unravel the secrets of Lakeland geology two centuries ago. Follow in their footsteps.


Otley's Steps



Publication Date:

2018 October


Paperback; 178 x 254mm




Black and white illustrations throughout

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