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My Cumbria Life

Hunter Davies


For 10 years renowned Cumbrian writer Hunter Davies has written his popular monthly column for Cumbria Life. To mark his decade with the magazine, Cumbria Life has published My Cumbria Life, a collection of 100 of his columns from 2008 to 2018.

Through the 100 columns, collected in chronological order, with two pieces written specially for the book, Hunter builds up a portrait of Cumbria and its people, from the twin perspectives of his lives in Loweswater and London (and a third perspective of growing up in Carlisle.)

It also builds up a portrait of Hunter, his passions and foibles, his remarkable marriage, and eventually an understated but poignant account of loss and male grief.


Newsquest Cumbria



Publication Date:

2018 October


Paperback; 246 x 198mm




Colour photographs throughout