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Jill Clough


Teenager Joey is struggling to work out who she is. She feels good when she’s fell-running – leaping over rocks in the mountains – and when she’s at home online, because in both places, in totally different ways, she can be privately free to explore her identity.

But she’s terrified there’s something wrong with her, and that she has some kind of ‘condition’ that needs curing. Worst of all, her horrible secret threatens to destroy the relationship she has with the people she loves most – her parents and her best friend, Bex. ‘Morph’ is the debut novel by author and former school headteacher Jill Clough. Set amid the inspiring landscape of the English Lake District, this powerful book is both a thoughtful study of gender – one of the great social issues of our time – and a moving coming-of-age story … with a Millennial twist.


Swallow Books



Publication Date:

2019 July


Paperback; 196 x 138mm




Some black and white illustrations

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