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A Small War in Eden

John M. Hughes


This new book is as haunting as “Game of Thrones” and as magical as “Lord of the Rings” but based on real historical events in Cumbria, Scotland and Rome.
It is a love story between a Roman soldier and the last Queen of the Carvetii, with a background of the vanished Ninth Legion and Scottish freedom fighters – set in a world of Celtic gods, myths… and a small war in Eden.

It is the first part of a quartet focusing entirely on Cumbria, with the series moving up through the centuries; the next book, “Drystan”, is set in 685AD, the time of St. Cuthbert’s famous visit to Carlisle.
The third in the series “The Blackthorn Winter” – is set just after the Union of the Crowns and the accession of James VI of Scotland to the English throne in 1603, and the final book in the sequence, so far without a title, will be set in 1962 or thereabouts.


Hayloft Publishing



Publication Date:

2019 April


Paperback; 198 x 128mm





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