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Burnt the Peas whilst Washing the Cherubs

Audrey Heaton


‘When we packed up Audrey Heaton’s little house, after she went into a care home in 2006, tiny pocket diaries we found in a mouldering shoe bag under her bed. I didn’t look at the until after her death six years later, for to do so would have been intrusive and wrong.’

‘Once I began sorting through them (and they started well before the Second World War and ended in the 1990’s) they revealed simplistic but fascinating records. Similar to potato crisps or salted panuts, I just had to consume one more page, one more a week. What has emerged is a remarkable life totally devoted to the service of God and her fellow man. ‘The Lambeth Palace Years’ are just part of that life. Audrey was a very special person.


Jenny de Robeck



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Paperback; 148 x 156mm


Some black and white photographs

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