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Mike Craven – The Mercy Chair

***This Carlisle event is sold out, but Mike Craven will appear at the Words by the Water Festival
   Friday June 7th (the day after) at 4pm at the  Theatre by the Lake,  Keswick
 Tickets available here 
Join Bookends on Tuesday 6th June at 7:30pm in The Old Fire Station, Carlisle for the launch of the latest Washington Poe novel, ‘The Mercy Chair’, with Mike Craven.
Ticket only: £12 (includes £5 off the book on the night)
Ticket & book: £22
Tickets available in the shop and online  
***Please note: The Mercy Chair is published on 6th June 2024 so when ordering the book and ticket option the book will not be posted out beforehand but will be available to collect on the night of the event. If you wish just to buy the book, and not attend the event, please click here


Are you sitting comfortably? Then he’ll begin . . .

Washington Poe has a story to tell. He needs you to listen. He needs you to pay attention.

It starts with the robber birds. Crows. Dozens of them. Enough for a murder . . . Poe will tell you about that.

He’ll tell you about a man who was tied to a tree and stoned to death, a man who had tattooed himself with a code so obscure, not even the gifted analyst Tilly Bradshaw could break it. He’ll tell you how the man’s murder was connected to tragedy that happened fifteen years earlier when a young girl massacred her entire family.

And finally, he’ll tell you about the Mercy Chair. And why people would rather kill themselves than talk about it.

Poe hopes you’ve been listening closely. Because in this story, nothing is as it seems . . .