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A Helen’s Reads Review

Marisa has only known Jake a few months, but she has completely fallen for him. When he asks her to move in with him and they start trying for a baby, she is utterly certain that this is right both for her, and for them as a couple – to her she now has everything she has been searching for all her life.
However when the couple take in a new lodger, to help with the mounting bills, Marisa begins to feel that Kate’s presence is truly testing their relationship. Marisa sees Kate as being no respecter of boundaries and feels that she is completely obsessed with them as a couple, taking a very unhealthy interest in their hoped for baby. Jake, however, seems not to share her concerns, and so Marisa feels that she is losing everything…

No plot spoilers here other than to say that Elizabeth Day’s utterly compelling pyschological thriller grips you from the outset and just does not let you go. The plot has twists, turns and red herrings in equal measure and they tip everything that you thought you were sure about what you are reading, completely on its head, as it races to its suspenseful end.

Looking at the themes of motherhood, fertility and mental health, all of which are sensitively handled, this is an absolutely brilliant read with one of the most toxic Mother-in -Law characters you will come across in a novel.This book provides shocks and surprises, and offers tension and twists in spades. A cleverly plotted story brilliantly told.


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