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Fellview School’s 2022 Story Writing Competition

Fellview School have recently held a story-writing competition and we are honoured to be able to share the winning tales!
All the stories are original and from the amazing minds of the children at Fellview Primary School, 2022. Spelling mistakes have been corrected for ease of reading but all words and nearly all the punctuation are the children’s own work. The stories were sent to four authors to judge and the judges scored the children’s stories based on:
– Originality
– Plot
– Characterisation
– Language
– Enjoyment
The judges thoroughly enjoyed reading all entries and chose one from each year group as their favourite. We hope you enjoy reading them.


‘Chick Duckling on the Island Lost’


Reception Class


They were going on an island to find treasure and they had a spade with them. They got lost and they jumped off the boat because it had a sail and it tipped over and they had to use the wind to blow it. But it was far too windy so they went back and it tipped over and then they swam to an island.
They had so much gold in the treasure because they had buried treasure on the desert island and they were playing a game. They were playing treasure hunt. They found the treasure with a spade where x marks the spot was.
And they went back on the boat that they made out of wood on the tree. They went speeding on the speed boat with no sail with a thing what goes round and round and points. They were flapping and they had a little swim and the boat was left on and it sped off and they had to hold on to the spinner.
The end

‘Sharks and Dragons’


Year 1


Once upon a time, there were sharks and dragons.
The shark was on the boat.


The dragon was trying to blast fire at the shark! They ate the whole boat and they had to swim to a desert island.

It was a magical island so it moved away.
They swam to a different island.
They dug up a hole and they found some treasure and then they were happy so they looked in the treasure box and found some rings and diamonds. The End


‘The Queen Who Lived in a Palace’


Year 2


Once upon a time, there was a queen called Maddie. She had a friend called Daisy. She got lost one day. She was a fairy though so I didn’t see her much.
One day I was in the palace, I was cleaning. Suddenly I saw a note that said to Maddie the whole reason your friend Daisy is lost is because she went to town and got lost. The queen said Oh she’ll find a way ***. She went in the *carriage and went to play in the sun. The queen saw a brown deer that was beautiful. They went in the sun again and after that I went to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *sleeping*
After two hours she got ready and went downstairs and a man appeared. Hi your highness you are beautiful. The queen said thank you. You’re welcome said the man. The queen said Do you want to be the king? Err the King said ‘yes’ so they got married.
A month or so they got married. They went on holiday they stayed on holiday for a week. They came back on Monday thought it took about 7 hours home.
When they came they went the next day the *palace said I found Daisy.
Oh Yey thank you sooo much.
The end

‘The Little Hedgehog’


Year 3


In a stumpy bumpy log and in a beautiful forest there was a family of hedgehogs there was a mummy called Hollie and a daddy called Andrew and a baby called Little Hedgehog because he was spiky and small.
He was having a walk in the woods and fell in a deep dark hole and as he was falling through the deep dark he was screaming louder than a jet.
Then he crashed into the rapid splashing waves and landed on the sandy calm beach he walked up the steep rocky steps and saw a colossal town called London and he saw bright yellow lights.
Little Hedgehog walked up to the humungous town there was a huge giant but actually they were people walking and jumbo monsters but actually they were cars buzzing by then Little Hedgehog walked some more. Then Little Hedgehog saw a jumbo jet but actually it was a colossal tall building. Then Little Hedgehog walked some more then Little Hedgehog found a woods.
He thought it was his woods near his mum and dad lived there but he was wrong. But he walked in the sparkly woods and found some animals, there was a skunk and a squirrel. The squirrel was in a colossal tree and the skunk was in the huge grass.
“Do you want to be my friend?” asked Little Hedgehog. Squirrel and Skunk said “Yes we would like that very much thank you.”
Little Hedgehog became best friends with squirrel and skunk.
Then Little Hedgehog saw some shadows he thought it was his mum and dad because the shadows were spiky and prickly.
He ran as fast as his little feet can carry him. He was so happy he nearly cried but when he got there it was a different family of hedgehogs.
He was so sad squirrel and skunk nearly cried as well then they walked back to London and went through the whizzing cars and went back through the giant people and went through the bright yellow lights and down the humungous steps down into the deep, dark hole and back to the sparkly woods.
Little Hedgehog and squirrel and skunk walked up to Little Hedgehog’s house and saw mummy and daddy hedgehog were sitting in the living room and talking about Little Hedgehog.
Then he knocked on the outside door.
Then mummy and daddy turned around and saw Little Hedgehog and they gave each other a big hug and mummy and daddy became best friends with squirrel and skunk.

‘Weird Magic’


Year 4


A few years ago five kingdoms one dark, one lava, one green, one bright, one a fairy kingdom. In the fairy kingdom lay the king and his wife. They both lay on their bed. A room away their daughter me sleeping on my bed. It was lovely.
20 Years later my mum and dad died and my house was gone. I lied in a tent. A few months after that one morning I looked out of my tent I set off for an adventure but I saw a thunder storm but I went for a journey. I walked and walked until I saw something it was something from the dark kingdom I was scared I ran away when I got far I saw a puppy and I wanted to adopt it. The puppy followed me home I really wanted the puppy and the puppy wanted me so I did get the puppy I said we can’t keep calling you puppy I will call you Coaly so me and Coaly set off not puppy but Coaly to my tent when we got back we went to sleep.
A few years later it was birthday I was turning 31 I invited my friend to my birthday party. A few hours later after the party I was sweaty I saw a bath I jumped in after the bath I went down to the cellar I made some potions I made love lightening and happy and love and candy and a big one a love crown that I was wearing, I made a cloak WOOOO I shouted and I made a drift “WOOOHOOOO I’m happy I cried I went outside and flew in the sky I’m glad that I made the cloak. I’m so happy and glad and wonderful I’m really good at flying I’m just so yey”
After I went outside to fly flew down to do some more magic abracadabra kerbang I made a house I can’t believe it can you Cooley. I ventured in the house.
“Oh yes yes I do it’s wonderful yes.” The house was good.
“Yes Coaly it’s wonderful I just can’t believe it.”
“Come on Coaly let’s dance.” I said softly.
“No I don’t want to.” Cried Coaly.
“Fine” as I stomped off I was angry.
“Bye bossy” Coaly snapped.
“Bye bossy rude pain.” I snarled.
Then suddenly a knock on the door.
“Come in” I gently said.
“Hello” said a strange familiar voice.
Coaly dashed in front of me _____ you. Hey get out of my way you called me bossy and rude why do you care about me.” I cried soft and flatly.
“I care because I love you _____ I absolutely love you.” Coaly settled in front of me.
“You care you care you care.” I kept on repeating.


‘Training Swift’


Year 5


It was a cold January morning, and in the old stone storage shed in the straw 5 puppies had just been born, and only one of them would do great things.
One warm summer morning, Joe was taking his teenage sheepdog Swift for a walk around their farm before breakfast “Come on Swift we need to go check on the sheep” said Joe. Once they had finished checking on the sheep they went in for breakfast and sat down at the table, “bed, Swift”
Swift trotted over and sat in her bed, Joe picked up the newspaper and then he turned to the ‘Farm and Countryside’ page, the main headline read: ‘Sheepdog trials in two months’ time’. Joe put down the paper and said to his dad “Dad can I enter Swift into the sheepdog trials?”
“Yes, but only if you train her” replied Joe’s dad.
After breakfast they took Swift out to a field, there was nothing there but grass. “Where are the sheep Dad?”
“You’re not using sheep until she’s learnt the commands” said Joe’s dad and with that he turned on his heel and walked off. Joe started with the easy commands, “away!” called Joe, and Swift set off and ran around “lie down” Swift stopped and lay down on the grass panting. “She knows the easy commands now Dad” said Joe as they came into the kitchen “I saw” said Joe’s dad “I was outside doing the ewes,” Then they sat down for lunch, when they were about to go outside, the rain came down “huh, the sheep needed that” said Joe’s dad “but good we’ve already got the hay in.”
Finally the day of the sheepdog trials, Joe had all the things he needed: Swift (obviously), whistle, shepherd’s crook and farmer’s flat cap. They were ready to go. It was a 30 minute drive to get to the sheepdog trials it was in Joe’s dad’s friend’s field so his dad knew where the field was. As soon as they got there, Joe got all his stuff ready for the sheepdog trials, soon enough it was Joe and Swift’s turn, and they came out onto the grass and over the loudspeaker came “now we have Joe and Swift” “Right then” said Joe then he shouted “away!” and Swift went down to get the sheep “COMEBY!” yelled Joe and Swift turned right and brought the sheep up then one sheep tried to escape the group but Swift stopped it. “Comeby!” yelled Joe and Swift led them into the pen and Joe ran over and closed the gate to keep the sheep in.
Later Joe and his dad were sitting in the stand and watching the other people and their dogs, finally over the loudspeaker came “In the Junior Section 1st place goes to…Joe and his dog Swift.” Joe heard people clapping calmly around him, 5 minutes later he went to collect his trophy, once they got home, Joe put the trophy on his bedroom windowsill to remember the day him and Swift won the sheepdog trials.

‘The Vanishing Snowman’


Year 6


The children were shocked when they ran outside and saw the snowman had gone. Milo cried “Where is the snowman?” “Don’t cry, maybe the snowman is playing hide and seek. Let’s go on a snowman hunt.” Said Matilda. Milo jumped in excitement “Yay!” First, they checked the playground, it was empty. Then the they checked the field, but it was so slippery they fell. Last of all they checked the woods but it wasn’t there.
The trees were tall and dark. The children could hear the birds singing. There was a frog hopping everywhere Milo said “Let’s follow that big frog!” The frog zigzagged while the children ran behind the frog and soon they were in the middle of the wood. There was a small pool and the frog jumped in with a loud splash. “Oh” said Milo in a disappointed voice. “Never mind, look at that over there.” Milo looked where Matilda was pointing: Beside the pool stood an old shed. The children walked over and opened the door….
Inside there was a small armchair, a wooden table and chairs and on the wall, a picture of a man dressed in a fur hat, big fur gloves, a padded jacket and a beard. He had a faraway look in his eyes. Written on a picture was a name ‘Captain Scott’.
“Wow” said Malo. “It’s amazing” said Matilda. “What’s that?” “I don’t know, I’ve never heard of him.” Let’s go home.” Said Matilda. “It’s nearly tea time.” They opened the door and gasped – the pond and the wood had disappeared and instead there were rocky hills covered in snow, the snow and ice everywhere. It was cold. It was so cold that the children shivered and hugged themselves to keep warm. “It’s so cold” said Milo “Shall we go back?”
Matilda turned around and screamed “It’s gone!” Milo burst into tears saying “How are we going home now?” “I want my mum!” Matilda turned around to see what (they) can use. Snow. “Let’s build a snow shelter.” Milo stopped crying and was happy to help his sister build a snow shelter. The children couldn’t get to sleep because they were so cold and hungry. In the morning when they came outside they saw the shed and ran to it as fast as they could. The house took them back to the woods. They raced back home as fast as they could and had a giant breakfast of porridge bacon, eggs and sausages. They also had a hot chocolate and refused to think about Antarctica.
The snowman (was) still guarding the shelter when suddenly it began to move…