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Bards at Bookends – Clare Askew and Katie Hale

On Thursday the 2nd of May at 7:30pm in Cakes and Ale Cafe, two Cumbrian writers who are both novelists and poets read from their latest collections in another instalment of our Bards at Bookends event series.
Katie Hale discusses her latest publication ‘White Ghosts’, a poetry collection which explores Katie’s own maternal legacy and its entanglement with America’s history of immigration, white privilege, and slavery and what that means for the contemporary women standing at the end of the maternal line.
Claire Askew will be reading from ‘How to Burn a Woman’, a collection which celebrates witches, outsiders, and women who do not fit the ordinary moulds of the world and traces the historical atrocities towards them. More generally it is an investigation of the power of oppressive systems and their hold over those within them.
Thursday 2nd of May, 7:30pm, Cakes & Ale Cafe, Carlisle.
Tickets are £5 and include a drink on the night. Available in store and online at: