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1076. 1314
Adrian Rogan
1314 is the second novel about Andreas de Harda, a warrior knight at the time of Robert the Bruce. After the catastrophic defeat of the English at Bannockburn, Harda must protect his people and fight as never before in war, politics and love.... . . . more
Published by: Hayloft   Format: 146mm x 210mm paperback

1077. Those Were the Days - A compilation of local artistes in an entertainment revue of Carlisle & District 1950-1970
Marie K Dickens & Geoff Dickens
This book gives an insight into the entertainment offered to the good folk of Carlisle and surrounds in the 50's and 60's by 'Her Majesty's Theatre' which existed in the town then. . . . more
Published by: Hayloft   Format: 210mm x 297mm paperback

1078. More Plain People
Holme St. Cuthbert History Group
The coastal fringe of the Solway Plain, from Saltpans to Skinburness, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. . . . more
Published by: Holme St. Cuthbert History Group   Format: 184mm x 270mm paperback

1079. Tracing Your Northern Ancestors
Keith Gregson
The far north of England is a key site for family historians. Many researchers, seeking to trace their ancestry back through the generations, will find their trail leads to the north or through it. . . . more
Published by: Pen & Sword Books   Format: 148mm x 210mm paperback

1080. The Lakeland Poets
Andrew Pagett
REDUCED FROM £14.99, this beautifully illustrated book takes the reader on a poetic tour of the landscapes which inspired William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey and others. . . . more
Published by: Chaucer Press   Format: 253mm x 188mm hardback

1081. Enclosure
Andy Goldsworthy
In 1995, the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy approached Cumbria County Council in northwest England with his idea of identifying a significant number of sheepfolds - stone enclosures used for assembling, sheltering and washing sheep - from old maps and reconstructing them to incorporate artworks or contain artworks. It was a long and fraught process, but by 2006, 35 folds had been completed and these form the core of Enclosure. Reflecting Goldsworthy's lifelong interest in the land, its history and its inhabitants, "Enclosure" is an exciting addition to the artist's highly successful series of books. . . . more
Published by: Thames & Hudson   Format: 287mm x 260mm hardback

1082. Gone Feral
Gwen Moffat
The Boathouse, in scenic Cumbria, is inherited by Sophie Daynes, who cherishes it for its family associations. Her bore of a husband, in his forties and obsessed by his mistress, covets it for its cash value. Husband, wife and lover, all have their champions - while up in the woods a man lives in a caravan whom gossip maintains is a villain from Manchester forced to lie low. Gossip, greed and passion is exacerbated in high summer when the pleasure steamer churns up more than mud from the lake floor and a terrible package is revealed, changing the lives of all connected with the boathouse. . . . more
Published by: Constable Crime   Format: 140 x 220mm hardback

1083. Twelve Favourite Mountains
Alfred Wainwright
Alfred Wainwright was a legend in his own lifetime. A man of few words, elusive to the point of being downright unsociable, he dedicated years of his life to exploring the Lakeland mountains he loved, and creating the awe-inspiring hand-drawn pages of his "Pictorial Guides" to the Lakeland Fells. . . . more
Published by: Frances Lincoln   Format: 120mm x 176mm hardback

1084. Whatt Fettle, Mun!
Tim Barker
HOD THI PIE! CUSH MUN, AA NIVVER SEED OOT LIKE IT. HESTA IVVER SIN A CUDDY LOWP A FIVE-BARRED YAT? IT TEKS AW MAKS TO MEK A WURLD. Can people in Cumbria really be speaking the English language? . . . more
Published by: Countryside Books   Format: 148mm x 210mm paperback

1085. Call Out - Keswick Mountain Rescue Team - The First 60 Years

A Lake District mountain rescue team’s members have produced a special DVD to commemorate their 60th anniversary. Call-Out — The First 60 Years, publicises the work of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. . . . more
Published by: Fluid Productions   Format: DVD

1086. The Bumper Book of Football
Hunter Davies
Calling all football fans: settle down in your favourite armchair, fix yourself a drink, and prepare to wallow lengthily, indulgently and nostalgically in the must-have football book of 2007 from one of the UK's best-loved writers on football. . . . more
Published by: Quercus   Format: 190mm x 250mm hardback

1087. Thomas Jefferys Historic Map of Westmorland 1770

This map can be seen in many ways; as a work of art, as a collectible item, as the product of map-making technology, or as a depiction of the topography of the county. . . . more
Published by: CWAAS   Format: 220mm x 310mm folder

1088. Keswick and the Central Lakes
John Marsh
This photographic portrait of a period at once familiar and remote illustrates the many changes that have taken place over the last century in a region bounded by Skiddaw, Sca Fell and Helvellyn, england's three highest mountains. . . . more
Published by: Nonsuch   Format: 122 x 166mm paperback

1089. On a Bat's Wing - Poems About Bats
Michael Baron
Poets through the ages have written about love, loss, war, peace and....bats. Emily Dickinson, John Clare, D.H. Lawrence and Stevie Smith as well as modern poets such as Seamus Heaney, Kathleen Jamie, Les Murray and Ted Hughes have found bats a source of inspiration and mythology. . . . more
Published by: Five Leaves Publications   Format: 128mm x 194mm paperback

1090. Wordsworth and Coleridge - The Friendship
Adam Sisman
The first book to explore the extraordinary story of the legendary friendship -- and quarrel -- between Wordsworth and Coleridge, two giants of English Romanticism. . . . more
Published by: Harper Perennial   Format: 126mm x 198mm paperback

1091. Over
Margaret Forster
This is a novel about what happens after a tragedy in a family. . . . more
Published by: Vintage   Format: 130mm x 196mm paperback

1092. Nature's Engraver
Jenny Uglow
At the end of the eighteenth-century Britain fell in love with nature. Thomas Bewick's "History of British Birds" marked the moment: the first 'field-guide' for ordinary people, illustrated by woodcuts of astonishing accuracy and beauty. But it was far more than that, for in the vivid vignettes scattered through the book Bewick drew the vanishing way of life of the country people of the North East. In this superbly illustrated biography, Jenny Uglow tells a story of violent change, radical politics, lost ways of life and the beauty of the wild - a journey to the beginning of our lasting obsession with the natural world. . . . more
Published by: Faber   Format: 135mm x 198mm paperback

1093. Nella - Lost and Found
Nella Black & Eleanor Lynne Wallace
This is the life story of Nella Black, a 94 year old deaf & blind lady living in Carlisle, told from her personal diaries and interviews with the author . . . more
Published by: R 3 Publications   Format: 148mm x 210mm paperback

1094. The Bowder Stone - A history
Liz Hodgson
The Bowder Stone is really a legend in time which gives this huge lump of rock an added interest. It is no longer just a stone that has fallen from above. . . . more
Published by: P3 Publications   Format: 146mm x 210mm

1095. Heart of Lakeland
Lehmann J Oppenheimer
These classic tales written at the beginning of the last century are widely recognised as capturing the essence of rock-climbing's infancy as it was nurtured at Wasdale Head. . . . more
Published by: Ernest Press   Format: 122mm x 200mm paperback

1096. A Hatful of Crows
Ian Davidson
'A Hatful of Crows' is the much anticipated follow-up to Dynamiting Niagara, by Lakeland author Ian Davidson. The first book looked at Mr Davidson growing up in Broughton Mills after the Second World War.It followed his eccentric attempts to establish himself in the area during the sixties, when the simple pattern of rural life was altered forever by the advent of electricity, television, cheap transport and the pill. . . . more
Published by: Longhouse   Format: 140mm x 215mm paperback

1097. Over the Stile and Turn Left - in North East Lakes
G & G Stoddart
A selection of 15 easy walks, from 3 mile strolls to all day rambles, taking in some of the North East Lakes most beautiful and tranquil scenery. . . . more
Published by: Travelleur   Format: 120mm 170mm paperback

1098. Fragments of History - Rethinking Ruthwell & Bewcastle Monuments
Fred Orton & Ian Wood
Rethinking the Ruthwell and Bewcastle monuments is an innovative study of the two premier survivals of pre-Viking Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture. Both monuments are rich in finely carved images and complex inscriptions. Though in some way related, in this book, they have very different histories. . . . more
Published by: Manchester University Press   Format: 200mm x 257mm paperback

1099. John Paul Jones - Maverick Hero
Frank Walker
An associate of Benjamin Franklin and hero of the American War of Independence, John Paul Jones was the first captain to sail an Ameican warship under an American flag and was instrumental in the creation of a coordinated naval force for the new republic. . . . more
Published by: Spellmount Limited   Format: 164mm x 240mm hardback

1100. Arthur Ransome's Lake District
Jon Sparks
Arthur Ransome’s ‘Swallows and Amazons’ books have never been out of print since they first appeared in the 1930s and ’40s.They remain popular with today’s children, and command a large and loyal adult following. Their appeal owes a great deal to the fact that they are populated by real people, and that they inhabit real places and sail real boats. . . . more
Published by: Halsgrove   Format: 220mm x 235mm hardback

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